Story of Us

by Three.!

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released May 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Three.! Manila, Philippines

Three.! Is a filipino dream-pop duo based in Manila formed July 2013 consisting of Chii Balanaa on Guitars/Loops and Sassja Cucueco on Vocals

Vandals on the wall described their sound as "intricate, chills-inducing lullabies that fill the room with bittersweet nostalgia."
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Track Name: Storms
Driving through the street of dusk
Reaching out to touch your hand
Smiling, you had said to me,
“They just don’t understand.”

All I want is to take away
The rusted nails in your chest
That keeps you awake all night
Forgetting everything else

Don’t you worry about them
They don’t stand a chance
These predictable people
Who can never understand

We are the storms and the rain
We are survivors of pain
They might not know who we are but
We will never ever break

As the little raindrops slide
Falling down the window pane
You look at me and meet my eyes
Quietly, you say my name
Track Name: Eye
Close your eyes, can you feel that?
We are here in this moment.
Close your eyes, can you feel?
That we are here.
We are now.

Close your eyes, can you feel that?
We are here, we are now

When you don't get any past or future.
Start over and over.
No yesterdays, No tomorrows.
Start over again.

And again and again, Just now.
Track Name: Soft Hues
You are the ray of sun
That kissed my eyes in the morning
And as I wake and close them
Your light reaches within

Soft hues of orange that blinds me
Your warmth is all I need
Throughout the day, as I face my battles
I wish that time would stand still
Like waters in the palm of your hands
Ever so kind, ever so gentle

But now, it’s time to say goodbye, goodbye
Is the saddest line
Slowly, you wave as the moon starts to rise
Track Name: Home
The noises destroy the rhythm in your head
Every minute awake, the monsters are fed
You try as you might to win this fight
So you write

Don’t you see the stars that form in the dark
When you close your eyes tight at night?

You are safe now
We are going back home
To find our way back to ourselves
You are safe now
We are home
Where our voices are our own

So you write for the ones who can’t sleep too
Hoping tomorrow, the words fit you